8 great gifts for afro hair this season

It’s that time of year, not sure how to describe it this year. However just counting my blessings this year. Here is a list of 8 great afro items that you can get family members or friends this season.

Detangler brush

If you have been struggling with detangling you hair, or know friends and family that struggle with tangles. If you would like to give a great gift, then look no further. You can find this on a few platforms such as wish, amazon, ebay. It is available in many colours and would be quite suitable for any hair type, especially curly hair. It works so well and assists with the detangling process. 

T-Shirt Towel

If you have never tried this, it’s the best thing ever because when you use a t-shirt towel your hair tends to be less frizzy and does not get very dry. Preferrably get one that is 100% cotton and not any other type of material as other materials will dry out your hair.  The t-shirt towel can be found on amazon, ebay and iherb as well. 


If you want a new experience for your scalp and a nice clean feeling after every wash, consider getting a scrubber. If you suffer from an itchy scalp the scrubber is particulary useful after you braid your hair. It will help rejuvenate your scalp and you will have a cleaner scalp. 

Satin Cap

I will never go back to any other cap. The satin cap is ideal especially for natural hair as it can be used for various activities especially sleeping. Also it minimizes the problem of you having to deal with your scarf which normally moves when you sleep. To this day I always wonder how this happens but glad that those days are long gone. 

Puff holder

It’s always difficult to put your hair in one bun when you have naturally thick hair, without having to pull it too hard and after sometime taking it down because your head is pounding. You can always use a puff holder to keep your hair looking neat and in good condtion. It is also great to have a puff holder as it is.

Silk head band

The silk head band is the best thing ever. It minimizes hair breakage, it helps keep your hair moisturized and it feels good on your hair and skin too. If you want to change up your look, having different color silk head bands make for a variety of looks everyday if you want. 

Steam hair dyer

If you have to use treatment, a steam hair dryer is a great gift and investment for yourself as well. There are multiple benefits of using a steam hair dryer. I will probably provide more information about this next time as I have been searching for the ideal steamer especially for afro hair. There are quite a few options and it’s up to you to select the type of steam dryer you have. I currently have the portable one. It looks similar to the one below.

Seperation clips

If you don’t have seperation clips and you have afro hair, then you will have a lot of tangled hair. It’s also great when you are straightening or blow drying your hair, although I would do this once in a while. If this is something that you like, here is a clip that would work well on your hair.

As you end this year, it’s important to note that the past few years have come with various lessons. One of the things I have learnt is that it’s good to use what you have. If you are not using it, then it’s time to either give it away if it is in good condition or throw it away if you don’t require it. Is there anything on the list that you don’t have and also is there something that you would add to this list of items?

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Hi there. Thanks for your post. Is the detangler brush for virgin African American hair, or hair that’s been processed?  The T Shirt towel is unique. I’ve never heard of this before. I love the satin cap. I often have to wrap my hair, but my scarf always slips in my sleep and subsequently falls off in the middle of the night, leaving my hair a mess the next morning.  While my natural hair is not long enough to use separation clips, I definitely would use them when I wear my wigs. Great post!

The detangler brush can be used for both virgin African American hair and processed hair. I like it because it’s not limited just to one type of textured hair. 

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