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Best clip in hair extensions for 2020

Some people love hair extensions and others do not. However, in order to make sure that you get the right type of extensions, you need to know what you want to achieve. It’s probably a great idea to look through a lot of the pictures of individuals that have a similar face shape to yours as the style will suit you.

Why use hair extensions

Hair extensions are used to add a great deal of volume to hair, for lustrous hair and also for looking great. Extensions are also used for special occasions, performances and to lengthen the hair quickly without waiting for a long time to allow your hair to grow.

Some hair extensions are used for cultural reasons and they are a good way of changing your looks for some time.

How to make sure you select the right extensions

If you want to have hair extensions that look good, you must make sure that they match very well with your hair. As extensions have been used for many years, before individuals started matching them with their hair color, they just had to make do with the extensions that were available. In order to make sure that you select the right type of extensions. Make sure that the extensions matches with your hair type. If it’s Afro, probably ideal to get an Afro type of extension like the one below:

You can also get it on amazon.

If you want your hair out, you can use the clips.

You have the option of braiding your hair at the back and leaving the front section open. Make sure you twist it out so that it can match well with the hair. There are plenty of tutorials online that can assist you in creating the ideal hairstyle.

Another website that specialises in the specific clip in that you want is If you are looking for a specific type of curl they have what you need.

Straight clip-ins

If you have straighter hair, there are a few options on the types of extensions you can get for your hair. You can either opt for straighter extensions, and if you don’t have that option, you can use any ordinary extension that you would use for a braid.

This is a great option if you want to put a ponytail and would like to add some length to your hair. It is an easy option and you can get many colors. Make sure you match your hair color to the extension for a more realistic look. You could also use regular hair from braiding, however you would need to tie that into your hair once you have done the ponytail and put it somehow as a bun as that would be ideal.

Clip in extensions can also be used for straighter hair in order to help with adding more length or thickness to the hair.

As I had provided prior information, most of the details here are to assist you in looking after your hair and not having to visit the hair dresser constantly to fix your hair.

Maintaining your hair extensions

If you want to maintain your hair extensions, it’s always a good idea to wash them in the shampoo and conditioner you would normally use, before using it. It’s just a way to remove the new smell of the clip-in’s and also make sure that any shedding that happens at that time is minimal.

Throughout the use of your extensions, make sure that you are always taking it off before you go to bed so that you minimize any type of damage to your hair. You also need to make sure that you have some area where you can store it.Use olive oil hair spray or any other type of hair spray, it’s ideal to use it especially when you wear it. Depending on the texture of the extension, it’s not necessary to moisturize it, however it depends on the feel of the extension.

Extensions for 2020

People are still using different extensions in 2020 and there are no styles that are out of bounds for any individual. Creativity is vital when you use them and you can style them to suit you depending on the event that you are attending to.

I have posted a few ideas below for some styles you can consider with extensions.

Straight up bun (Instagram source)

Extension with braid (Instagram source)

How to remove hair extensions

When you remove your extensions, make sure that you don’t tag or pull your hair too much. Depending on the style, some may last a week, others have to be redone every day.

If you must you can get someone to assist you in removing it just you make sure that you don’t have any pins on your hair.

As you can see from the various pictures, hair extensions are a lot more versatile and easy to use. They can actually be used for everyday wear and all you have to do is make sure that they match your hair color.Use would like to add some flair of creativity, there are many ideas especially on Instagram. Ensure that you keep your hair moisturized to minimize any dryness.

If you have used hair extensions, what was your favorite style?

4 replies on “Best clip in hair extensions for 2020”

Hi, Keri, lovely post here!

I must admit that I have never used hair extensions myself before, even though I have been looking into them but they seemed to be so expensive in my town!

I have naturally curly hair that is thin and brittle, and I have been always dreaming of getting longer hair but never managed to due to its weak structure.

Thank you for pointing to the places where I can buy some hair extensions for myself.

I wonder if they are really made from natural hair as it says in the products descriptions?

I appreciate your feedback!

Best Wishes,

Hi Natalie,
Yes hair extensions are a good option if you want your hair to appear fuller. However if you have concerns that your hair may be a little weaker, I would suggest using hair and nail supplements as those would help in strengthening it. I think it’s best to start with that first before you purchase the hair clips. In terms of the hair extensions, most of the ones advertised are actually human hair, however sometimes some businesses tend to mix them with synthetic hair. The market has become really competitive nowadays.



Love this article, I myself do use hair extensions to make it easier for myself so I wont have to worry about my hair on a day to day basis. There are so many ways to wear hair extensions thank you for helping others with this useful information.

Hi Kristina, Thank you for the comment. I am hoping to also start showing individuals how I put them in so that they know what to do. I am glad you liked it.

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