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Caring for hair with accessories

Afro hair must always be detangled with great care. In this article I will be writing about the various accessories used on afro hair and how individuals can use them adequately to minimise any damage that they may cause on their hair.

Using hair clips and clamps

Most hair clips and clamps normally have seamed teeth and edges. In order to minimise damage on your hair being pulled out, it’s advisable to make sure that your clips or clamps are well made. If you want to use any for styling your hair ensure that you clip it gently and avoid placing it too tight that it can rub on your scalp. Make sure that the clip is in good working condition. Learn to let go of those clips that have a chip or tend to snag on your hair. Not only will you end up pulling on your hair and getting damage it can also cause hair loss.


Hairpins make it easier to put your hair in place, however they need to have soft rounded tips that are in good condition. If your bobby pin, does not have a rounded tip, it’s better to throw it away immediately. Try to avoid putting hairpins in the same area as it can cause damage to the hair. Be careful when you take them out as well always hold the tip and pull them back a little so that there is room for your fingers to pull it out.

Hair ties, scrunchies and bands

When you are looking for a hair band or scrunchie if you have afro hair make sure that you are not getting cotton fibre. Cotton will absorb the moisture from your hair causing it to get dry. Make sure that your scrunchie or head band is made out of silk or satin fabric to guard you from moisture loss. When you are tying up your hair, it has to be well moisturised. If the hair tie, scrunchie or band has a metal part or little pieces that can snag the hair, it’s probably wise not to purchase it.

When you are tying up your hair in a ponytail keep it loose if you hair is very wet. Try not to tie it more than twice if you do that will be too tight. If you place too much tension on your hair, the result can be alopecia. If you cannot tie your hair up in a ponytails, it’s ideal to use the bands. A silk band would be ideal.

Hair scarfs and hats

A while ago I was communicating with my friend and she mentioned that her daughers’ hat kept snagging on her hair and it ended up causing her to loose hair in some areas. At that moment I thought I should probably inform her about some products I got from . All the products from Grace eleyae incorporate satin into the hats and scarfs which is amazing so your hair will remain moisturised and it great condition. This helps to put an end to hat head, where you put on a hat and it just looks a little funny after you take it off.

If your hair is not in a great condition and you want to keep it covered or you are going to the hairdressers. There are a few styles that have helped in ensuring that you can look stylish and still wear something that looks presentable.

Hair does not have to be limited to specific styles to look good, there are many other ways it can look amazing.

Sleeping caps

With afro hair, sleeping caps are a must have for your hair as they help in keeping braids intact, if you have relaxed or natural hair it’s also perfect as it helps in keeping it in place. If you don’t want to braid your hair before bed but use a sleeping cap, it will help you in ensuring that you keep your hair in great condition. It’s also ideal to keep your hair moisturised for longer.

When you choose a sleeping cap make sure that the band around your head is snag. Sometimes to avoid the line that you would tend to get when you wake up, I put a silk scarf underneath the sleeping cap. When I wake up, I don’t have any lines on my forehead.

All these will help in maintaining your hair and are a great way to style up your hair without spending money on other things.

Which accessories do you use and have you done anything to cause damage to your hair?


4 replies on “Caring for hair with accessories”

This post provides excellent information for someone who has hair challenges like you described. I will never complain about any hair loss in the back of my head again! I like how you integrated links to the products within your writing.. This is especially helpful for someone like me who has only a basic understanding about hair accessories.

Hi Patrick, thank you for that comment. I always try to educate the audience and I am glad that you found it helpful.

I’ll be sharing this information with my daughters. They all have long hair and you have proposed some solutions that they may not have thought of to protect their hair from damage. Thanks for the information.

Hi Stevie, thank you for passing on the information. Let me know how they go with the details and if it helps them with looking after their hair.

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