Living each moment as it comes

When this year began, nobody expected it to be the way it has. When you think of 2020 it should represent perfect vision, this is the time when all you had been hoping for, would come to pass. However, what happens when plans must change and you must take another direction? It’s just like our afro hair sometimes. You want it a certain way you saw it but it just doesn’t want to act that way. This year has been a very revealing year socially, firstly hygiene has not been so spoken of like it has this year. You would think that washing hands is something that people would do, and not take for granted, however it can help in minimizing the spread of germs. But instead of focusing on all the things that have gone wrong, how about focus on all the things that have gone well.


This year, I have spent more quality time with family than I have ever done at any other time in my life. It has made me appreciate them even more. Do they get annoying, yes they do but the focus should be on the quality and the little quirks that you get to discover on a daily basis

Working from home

There are those that are fortunate to work from home, that means less time commuting to the office and more time getting specific projects completed. It been a time to really assess do I really love what I do?

Less is more

Now this is one which will make more sense as I write. More individuals this year have saved more money because they are not buying unnecessary items. Additionally, some are even getting rid of some items that they have. What are you doing with those funds, are you using it to assist others or gaining some investments?

Appreciate your surrounding

During the days of the normal hustle and bustle when you only spent time sleeping in your house, you realize that you did not spend much time appreciating your surroundings. It could be a park that you never really spent much time going to, or the pictures that you took a while back when social distancing was not on your mind. It’s just appreciating the little things you may have taken for granted back in those times.

More patience

This year I can say that I have learnt patience, waiting in line and not complaining about that. Life is so fragile that a 20-min wait means nothing if you still have a privilege to be alive in this time. I am a lot more understanding of my son although now he get’s me to hurry up and not the other way round.

More focus

You can’t deny that 2020 has really got many people thinking, some about what they want to do with their life. Others, want to change their lives hastily and this year has really brought that change for individuals into perspective.

More time

I cannot forget the fact that this year has actually given me a little more time to do other things that can help me improve. Since the beginning of this year I actually decided to focus on really looking after my hair, making sure that it was well moisturized, now that I have a little more time. Less manipulation and heat. More water and a healthier diet. It had been great to have that time not to try to please others by presenting yourself often.


It has been a time of discovery, what am I really doing, working on free courses, just like I did this year. It was completely unexpected and it was something I was not really worried about. It also helped me reevaluate my goals. Is this where I want to me? Additionally, I had many other projects in mind but now I get to focus on one thing at a time.

Time to plan

This it a time to plan and prepare yourself, what are you feeding yourself with. Are you constantly on social media and watching things that don’t really improve your life? Even though this year I have had to be less social physically, I have learnt to be more intentional with my social media. I actually allot a time to view it and once that time is over, I continue to do other things. I actually also realized that I had many incomplete projects because I was constantly starting new ones without seeing one through. It has really been an eye-opener for me.

Time to get more spiritual

Now for me, prayer is extremely important in my life and when this pandemic hit, I asked myself many questions, am I ready for any future uncertainties? it got me on a moment of pure reflection and urgency to read my bible and ensure that I was actually doing what God wants me to do. I had to change quite a few things in my life and I am still working on other things.

Fitness time

I can’t emphasize this enough, but when you take time to look after your body, you will also look after your health and productivity. Do not neglect a walk on a daily basis. I have some light weights in the house that I use, every second day and it has actually been very useful. Don’t be afraid of the sweat you can always shower. When I first cut off the chemical from my hair, many years ago, I was a lot more relaxed about activities in the water. The only thing that I did not like was when say for example you have just blow-dried your hair and someone comes and says, “hey let’s go swimming” there’s nothing as bad as that and you can’t even get a swimming cap that will help you.

Helping time

Even though you make time to look after yourself, this is a great opportunity to help others. We cannot afford to look the other way when we see a brother or a sister struggle. It’s also a time to be selfless and help where you can.

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Despite the sad news what has been at least one good thing this year, it does not have to do with goal setting it could be a little thing even doing some cooking from scratch it can be anything? would love to hear from you.