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Best detangling hair products for afro hair

This article is for all the individuals that know how life used to be before detanglers came into the picture. Do you remember the days when you knew that if your hair was brushed you would be in pain because you had a lot of tangles with your hair. Your scalp would sometimes be sore for days and you would not want anyone to touch it. Well those days are long gone and if you are still suffering in silence, then pay attention as this article could be life-changing for those that are not using these products.

If you want to ensure that your course and tightly coiled hair experience after a braid-out is smoother, then you want to use a pre-shampoo treatment to detangle your hair. If you are still confused about this and have no idea what I am saying. Test this little theory out. If you have not purchased any pre-shampoo treatment, get some olive oil if you have some, mix it with a little bit of water and as you remove the tangles from your hair, provide some feedback on your experience.

I will be writing about detangling products from the cheapest ones to the most costly ones. If you would like to try out detangling products, I have a list of a few that I have used which are great, however there are so many in the market nowadays. If you have not mastered the type of hair that you have please feel free to go back to my hair type article as it will assist you in selecting the right type for your hair.

1. Mane ‘n Tail detangler spray

Cost: $8.07

I only came across this detangler last year and did not know much about it. What I like about it is that this product is pH balanced, it’s more alkaline than acidic. It’s great for tangled hair and great for conditioning hair.

This product was originally used for horses, to help them have less split ends and thick lucious silky hair. They expanded their range and started including individuals products as well.

As mentioned in my previous blog, I have low-porosity hair and it also tends to be a little dryer, so it’s great to have Mane ‘n tail as it helps keep it well conditioned.

The process of detangling involves parting hair into sections in order to make sure that the product is evenly distributed. Wet your hair with water and add the product and start the process of detangling.

Disadvantage is that you have to use quite a lot of it to make sure that you get it through the section which you want to detangle.

2. Noughty, Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray

Cost: $ 16.15

This one is light weight, it’s not as creamy as the other detanglers which may be suitable for individuals with thick hair, however it is quite greasy, which is perfect for me. Some individuals may find that it’s too much.

The trick with detangler, you have to check the consistency first before placing it on your head, therefore always take a small sample and add it to a little section of your head which you have added some water. If you find that it’s a little too heavy, you may have put too much products, you just have to use your discretion depending on how tangled your hair may be.

The process of putting Thirst aid on your hair is exactly the same as using mane ‘n tail. This one is a little different as it’s quite greasy, but with my low porosity hair it works just well as it stays moisturised after I use it and even when I wash and condition, my hair stays quite healthy.

3. As I Am Coconut Cowash cleansing conditioner

Cost: $18.38

Don’t let the name fool you that it’s only used as a conditioner. This product is one of the best when it comes to detangling your hair. It helps with product build-up if you have had your hair braided and it’s just amazing.

The first thing you do before you comb out your hair is to apply the cleansing conditioner. Section the hair into four parts or more, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Make sure you wet your sectioned hair first with a spray of water. Once your hair is wet enough, you put a blob of the As I Am Coconut Cowash cleansing conditioner. You can start detangling that section and what would normally take you hours to do will be cut down to less time. This depends on the length and thickness of hair. It will be pain free and once the individual goes to wash the hair, it will be a quick process.

Some individuals may have reaction to Coconut and therefore if this is not the type of product for you, then it’s best to check around for other detanglers with different ingredients.

4. Coconut and Argan Leave-in Conditioner + shine

Cost: $23.50

This was also a new one for me as I only thought that it was a leave in conditioner. The process of detangling has to be the same as the detangler above.

The great benefit of the Coconut and Argan is that it will work for any hair type and will also leave your hair soft and shiny without frizz. The good thing about it is that if you constantly use a detangler everytime you are doing your hair, it will have less knots and that means that your hair will grow healthy and stronger.

Again it may not be suitable for an individual that cannot use coconut on their hair.

If you have never used detangler, and this is the first time that you have tried it, you will not regret it.

4 replies on “Best detangling hair products for afro hair”

Hi there, what an amazing article! You have really put a lot of thought into it and gone in-depth to help people find the best product for their hair. And I love the text box you have created to make it such a simple process.
I have fine, straight hair myself and have always longed to have it thicker and with faster growth. Luckily, I have discovered just how important it is to minimise harsh chemicals and sulphates from your shampoos and conditioners and over the past couple of years it has made a world of difference to my hair health.
I also find taking specific supplements for hair also helps greatly too, such as silica, biotin and selenium. I’m wondering if you take any of these things too? Or are there any others that you recommend? Thanks

Hi Stefanie, Thank you for the comment.In terms of supplements, I don’t take them, however I know one of my close friends takes it and it made a difference to her hair. Some great hair supplements that I have seen are: Kerotin hair vitamins, Now foods solution vegan hair skin and nails and Swiss hair. There are many more out there, but if you have a great diet that can also have an impact on how your hair grows.

Hi, interesting article, when hair grows it gets thick and kind of clumpy. I wonder if any of these products could help with that.
I’ve taken supplements with silicia. That’s supposed to be beneficial for the hair and nails, etc. I wonder if usage could help with the issues related to your post.

Hi Jim, when you say your hair get’s kind of clumpy, are you talking about matted or tangled? If you mean tangled then yes these products can certainly help with it. Supplements really help in getting the hair thicker as well and they are a good source of vitamins that you may not be getting in your diet. Unfortunately, tangles have to be removed by hand, they cannot go away on their own, but by utilizing the right products, it can really help in minimizing them.

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