No heat year

Can you live a year without heat on your hair especially when its afro 4C, extremely curly and difficult to manage. Well the answer to that will depend on the thickness of your hair, the porosity and also the surrounding individuals. This year, I managed to live most of it heat free. It has been challenging just enjoying my hair as it is in its curly state.

Strategies for afro hair

Now how did I survive you ma

y wonder? Well each time I washed my hair after a wash day, I would try to air -dry it more than using a towel because I always felt that the towel just makes the hair get more tangled. Immediately I would get my wide-toothed comb and section it off, depending on the mood of the day, I would either put in twists or massive flat twists to save time. I also found that it helped to use moisturize on my hair to avoid it from getting too dry. This would mean that if I wanted to remove the twists or flat twists after some time, the hair will not be in its original state of shrinkage.

Embrace the afro

I soon learned to embrace my afro in its most natural state, without manipulation, I would just put oil and let it dry. This took some time to get used to, I will let you know why. Firstly, I grew up with this idea that your hair cannot be in the afro state at all. If it is in that state you must do something about it. Secondly, I remember some comments I would get with my hair in this state, none of them were compliments so this really plays with your mind. Thirdly, there is this idea that we always had when we were younger that if an individual’s hair is just in its original state, then it is unkempt.

I had to acknowledge that these ideas were not right because I always wash my hair every single week. I always make sure to detangle and deep condition in order to keep my hair in good condition. Learning to just embrace my afro helped me to view these ideas as completely foreign and know that sometimes you have to love everything about you, regardless of what anyone thinks. This was a lesson for me and now when I view myself, I don’t acknowledge those negative views anymore.

Care for the afro

I came to realize how fragile and deprived my hair because it get’s dry every 3 days. I had to learn how to moisturize it often. I realized that my scalp was quite sensitive and it really needed nourishment to minimize it from getting dry. I learned how to work in maintaining it as it was and realized that moisture and my hair are friends. I have low-porosity hair, that means that most times when I use a cream or some type of butter, it will just stay on my hair and take a long time to absorb. This meant that I had to start utilizing more light oils on my scalp like jojoba and argan oil. I also started minimizing the use of coconut on my hair although my hair certainly likes it, the only problem I get is when it solidifies.


I came to realize that with my hair, especially before bed, I would make sure that I wrap it up before going to bed. This is something that is necessary for maintenance of afro hair. When its neglected it tends to dry and becomes a lot more brittle and difficult to manage. I would also use my little bottle that had water should I want to add moisture to it. Any individual would think that the process is cumbersome, however if you want to maintain natural hair, unless you have other products that can keep it in good condition, this is necessary.

It actually made me think about all the thinks that were done to natural hair way before products came up. Although a few years back I was always looking for the next new product. I stopped getting a lot of products after realizing how some would not get used. I am also quite particular about what I use on my hair so I stopped getting the next new thing and just worked with all the items that I had.

What do I use?

When I wash my hair, I discovered Maui, I really love it. Although it can be costly, I got it on sale.

I really like how wonderful it feels on my hair. I usually use this and most times just a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. I find with these types of shampoo’s I get fewer tangles and it also get’s well moisturized.

Once I am done I normally get my conditioner which is mostly jojoba and sometimes coconut.

I also put some oil on my scalp just to keep it from drying up, mostly shea butter. Which does not have much of a smell and does melt on the scalp.

This process takes a shorter time as before this I used to spend at least half a day on my scalp, now after I wash it its quite a quick process, I just wash and put moisturizer and I am on my way.

Deep Conditioning

I use deep conditioning at least every month, although I want to experiment with that every week to see what will happen to the hair. I think especially in summer it would work, however in winter I would probably keep it to once a month.

The deep conditioning that I use is Garner although this changed as I was only using henna conditioner.

The main thing I find with deep conditioner, is that most of them can be used as they are mostly moisturizing to the hair. The amount of time you use it on your head depends, however the longer the better. I normally make sure that I have it on my head when I know that I will not be running too many errands, although even if you are running errands, there are so many options now to used to cover your head.

The only challenge at the moment is that I certainly need a trim to make sure that my afro is in good condition.

As I reflect on this year, firstly I would like to mention that although it has been difficult, I believe that there is a lot that I have learned and one thing I have learned to embrace is my hair. The best part of the journey has been learning just to embrace it as it is.

Living each moment as it comes

When this year began, nobody expected it to be the way it has. When you think of 2020 it should represent perfect vision, this is the time when all you had been hoping for, would come to pass. However, what happens when plans must change and you must take another direction? It’s just like our afro hair sometimes. You want it a certain way you saw it but it just doesn’t want to act that way. This year has been a very revealing year socially, firstly hygiene has not been so spoken of like it has this year. You would think that washing hands is something that people would do, and not take for granted, however it can help in minimizing the spread of germs. But instead of focusing on all the things that have gone wrong, how about focus on all the things that have gone well.


This year, I have spent more quality time with family than I have ever done at any other time in my life. It has made me appreciate them even more. Do they get annoying, yes they do but the focus should be on the quality and the little quirks that you get to discover on a daily basis

Working from home

There are those that are fortunate to work from home, that means less time commuting to the office and more time getting specific projects completed. It been a time to really assess do I really love what I do?

Less is more

Now this is one which will make more sense as I write. More individuals this year have saved more money because they are not buying unnecessary items. Additionally, some are even getting rid of some items that they have. What are you doing with those funds, are you using it to assist others or gaining some investments?

Appreciate your surrounding

During the days of the normal hustle and bustle when you only spent time sleeping in your house, you realize that you did not spend much time appreciating your surroundings. It could be a park that you never really spent much time going to, or the pictures that you took a while back when social distancing was not on your mind. It’s just appreciating the little things you may have taken for granted back in those times.

More patience

This year I can say that I have learnt patience, waiting in line and not complaining about that. Life is so fragile that a 20-min wait means nothing if you still have a privilege to be alive in this time. I am a lot more understanding of my son although now he get’s me to hurry up and not the other way round.

More focus

You can’t deny that 2020 has really got many people thinking, some about what they want to do with their life. Others, want to change their lives hastily and this year has really brought that change for individuals into perspective.

More time

I cannot forget the fact that this year has actually given me a little more time to do other things that can help me improve. Since the beginning of this year I actually decided to focus on really looking after my hair, making sure that it was well moisturized, now that I have a little more time. Less manipulation and heat. More water and a healthier diet. It had been great to have that time not to try to please others by presenting yourself often.


It has been a time of discovery, what am I really doing, working on free courses, just like I did this year. It was completely unexpected and it was something I was not really worried about. It also helped me reevaluate my goals. Is this where I want to me? Additionally, I had many other projects in mind but now I get to focus on one thing at a time.

Time to plan

This it a time to plan and prepare yourself, what are you feeding yourself with. Are you constantly on social media and watching things that don’t really improve your life? Even though this year I have had to be less social physically, I have learnt to be more intentional with my social media. I actually allot a time to view it and once that time is over, I continue to do other things. I actually also realized that I had many incomplete projects because I was constantly starting new ones without seeing one through. It has really been an eye-opener for me.

Time to get more spiritual

Now for me, prayer is extremely important in my life and when this pandemic hit, I asked myself many questions, am I ready for any future uncertainties? it got me on a moment of pure reflection and urgency to read my bible and ensure that I was actually doing what God wants me to do. I had to change quite a few things in my life and I am still working on other things.

Fitness time

I can’t emphasize this enough, but when you take time to look after your body, you will also look after your health and productivity. Do not neglect a walk on a daily basis. I have some light weights in the house that I use, every second day and it has actually been very useful. Don’t be afraid of the sweat you can always shower. When I first cut off the chemical from my hair, many years ago, I was a lot more relaxed about activities in the water. The only thing that I did not like was when say for example you have just blow-dried your hair and someone comes and says, “hey let’s go swimming” there’s nothing as bad as that and you can’t even get a swimming cap that will help you.

Helping time

Even though you make time to look after yourself, this is a great opportunity to help others. We cannot afford to look the other way when we see a brother or a sister struggle. It’s also a time to be selfless and help where you can.

This is why I would love to inform you about Wealthy affiliate, you can learn about affiliate marketing for free.

Despite the sad news what has been at least one good thing this year, it does not have to do with goal setting it could be a little thing even doing some cooking from scratch it can be anything? would love to hear from you.

hair straightening no heat

Straightening your hair with minimal damage

Sometimes changing up your hairstyle can be exciting. Especially when you have special occasions or celebrations of any nature where you want to look your best. Now this does not mean that straight hair is the only style that makes you look great. Straightening your hair comes with its advantages and disadvantages. I honestly believe that it is a lot safer to have it relaxed if you want it straight than use a hair straightener. The main reason is that straighteners tend to make afro hair more damaged in general. You also have to make sure that you use the right products in order to minimize hair damage. However, there are ways you can straighten your hair without causing a lot of damage. One of the methods you can use is a silk press.

Silk Press

A silk press is the process of using specific products to make your hair bone straight like you have a relaxer. It has become quite popular nowadays and is a great way to change up your hair routine if you want. The process of getting a silk press is that initially, you have you wash your hair. Any type of shampoo or conditioner will do, however there are some products that are ideal for silk press such as Keracare and chi. After you wash the hair, make sure that it is detangled with a brush. If you want to get the best results, it’s best to use the range in order to get the result you want. Once the wash and blow dry has been done, you blow dry your hair. You can use any type of blow-dryer but your hair must not be wet at all (always make sure to use heat protectant). After the process of blow drying you have to add the silk press no matter which one it is. Once you complete the process, you will get a straightener your hair will just glide through and get really bone straight. When you pass through the straightener it should only be one or two passes. This process works for mostly afro hair types.

If you get a well done silk press, you hair should revert back to its original state once it is washed. A silk press can last up to 2 weeks depending on how active you are and how well you look after it. If you are active, then it’s something that will only last a shorter period for you. Is it worth it, I guess it all depends on what type of occasion you are attending.

Flat Iron

This is another method of straightening your hair. Again it may seem similar to the silk press, however with the flat iron, you don’t use the products for a silk press, more likely a serum. The process of straightening is exactly the same. Make sure that you wash your hair. Again any shampoo or conditioner will do. Make sure before you blow dry that you detangle your hair with a brush. Then you can put the serum before you blow dry your hair. Once your hair has been blow dryed, then section it into four depending on the thickness of your hair. Then when you straighten, make sure you use the tail comb as that will help with the process of straightening. It does take some time to get this done, however if you want results this is one of the best methods.

Now it may seem like the silk-press and flat-iron would be exactly the same processes however there are a few differences.

Straightening – No heat method

This one can be quite tricky especially if your hair is quite kinky and thick, however it works if you have some type of hair dryer. I have tried the method however I find that because my hair is curly, it dries and still has the curls so the tip is making sure that when you brush it, before you put the rollers, it’s a lot smoother. I would advise that after you wash your hair, just stretch your hair if it’s curly, you can braid it or use the threading method which will help in straightening it without any heat. Make sure that you put moisturizer during this process so that when you have take out your thread or braid it’s straightened as naturally as possible. Once you start the process of the rollers, you can use any oils that work well on your hair. This process is time-consuming however once you get it done, you may have to keep the rollers in your hair for some time. If you have the hair dryer, the process can be shortened.

Once you take out your rollers, you will find that your hair has a great style and you can comb it to your satisfaction, depending on the style that you want. This is a heat free way of straightening your hair and making sure that it is in good condition.

Banding method

Depending on the length of your hair, the banding method is a great way to straighten your hair if you want to straighten it without heat. If you want results like the silk-press or flat-iron type, then you will be disappointed. This will help elongate your hair if you don’t want it in the shrunken state. Make sure that when you part it, that the bottom is not too tight. If you want it to look neater, you can use some edge control if you want, however depending on your hair-type, it may not be necessary.

Your hair does not have to be dry it’s a good idea to moisturize it as well. This is a more comfortable method if you don’t want to sleep with rollers on your head and it will still straighten your hair with little to no damage at all. You can actually comb out your hair without any struggle.

At the end of the day you have to make sure that you are not damaging your hair. I would recommend a silk press or flat iron once a year or even every six months and also for use when you want to trim your hair. These should not me methods that you use all the time. If you want a constant silk press look like I mentioned at the beginning, it’s best then to think of relaxing your hair because that would be a better option for you. I have kept my hair relaxer free for more than 10 years now and I know that some individuals cannot do that, however if you want to keep it natural you need to learn how to look after it. If you don’t have time to experiment then try to find something that works for it. It may be braids, weaves or wigs. The options are endless.

What method of hair straightening have you tried? I tried the silk-press once, it looked great however after a few months I needed to cut most of my hair as I actually got some heats damage. I have not attempted to straighten my hair in a long time, but that was something I had to learn over the process of looking after my hair. If you want maximum growth, you have to really be patient and consistent with your routine. It’s not easy but if you develop a habit, then it becomes as easy as breathing.

hair care plan hair ideas

Natural hair during quarantine

The impact of the pandemic had brought about the feeling that things are out of control, including your hair care regimen. During this time when you have more time to prepare yourself, it’s time to learn how to do the basic, such as trimming your own natural hair especially if you cannot visit your hairdresser. Additionally, it’s a time to keep busy although you are confined. It’s been difficult for most individuals, however something I have learnt over the course of the days that have gone by is that when you start looking inward, try and remember those that are around you. If you can help your neighbour next to you, it will make a world of difference in how you feel.

Hair Ideas

The beginning of this pandemic, brought about fear and anxiety to many individuals. I know that in some countries, individuals have curfews, while in others people have actually been confined to their houses. At this stage, you have so much time to be creative and come up with ideas on what you can do. During this period, I came up with a little dairy where I could stick the type of hairstyles and it is free.

It’s a time to explore different colours and styles especially now that you have the time.


This is a great time to moisturize your hair as often as you can. If you want a reference to the type of moisturisers you can use, I have included a link to the moisturisers that I use. This has been a great time for me to learn which moisturisers work well on my hair and which one’s I should avoid buying next time. One thing I have done is that I will not purchase any other products until I finish using the ones that I have. The problem with accumulating many products, something that I do not promote is risking having some expire on you.


I would not advice you to cut your own hair, but if you know how to do it, go for it. However, if you don’t really know what to do, a good trim should help you in minimizing split ends and also having hair that looks healthy at the end of the lockdown.

You can always book in sometime to see the individual that cuts your hair. I think that it’s important to look after your hair even with this tough time. If there are any new skills you want to try when it comes to doing your hair, there are so many wonderful individuals on Youtube.

Watching what you eat

I realised that a lot of my friends have been complaining about the fact that they can’t help themselves but eat a bit too much. I think it’s good to keep yourself busy and you can start by learning a new skill. If you want to start a business, I have a link that you can use to set one up for free. If you have time, don’t hesitate.

Additionally, when you go shopping, make sure you are picking the right types of foods that will not cause you to overeat. If you are constantly hungry, that means you may not be hydrated. It’s a good idea to be hydrated, it minimizes your hunger. I also find that eating food that keep you fuller for longer is also useful in getting you to be less hungry.

There are many ways to keep you preoccupied. If you have any children this is a great time to teach them something that they do not know. That means there is no excuse to overeat and you can always keep healthy. 

Don’t forget that you can exercise even in a confined space, 30 minutes per day is the requirement for adults.


This may be a challenging time for everyone, however don’t focus on yourself, seek to serve others and also when you require that moment to be by yourself you can always get it. This is a season to think about all those things that you probably have not done and develop talents and skills that you can use once things get back to some type of normal. As they say “this too shall pass”. If you require any assistance with anything don’t feel afraid to reach out.

Finally, try and be more positive by the time this period of time will be over you will be able to meet with your friends and they will think that you have been pampered the whole time.

What tips would you give someone at this time?

unpredictable time

How to deal with your hair in this unpredictable period

It’s been a while since I have posted. The last few weeks have been extremely unpredictable and shocking. Since the announcement of the pandemic worldwide there has been some panic and some people have acted in complete opposite to what you would expect. Kindness and giving should be mandated and if you have the capacity to assist a neighbor in need, most definitely do it.

I am reaching out to those that maybe cannot see their hairdresser in this period of time. Maybe you were due for a hair-cut but since the impact of the virus, you cannot do anything.

I have a few videos on YouTube that I enjoy and I think there has never been a better time to learn about your hair in a better way. Get to know your porosity so that you can use the right products, use up the products that you have already and if there are any that don’t work for you, put them aside and give them to someone else who they would suit.

This is a great time to deal with what is working for you. Spend time with the family and hug them as much as you can. Although this was completely unexpected, you need to stay strong in this perilous time in history.


This is a great idea for those that love to be creative but you could create a whatsup group with your friends that you like to share ideas with. What do you want to do with your hair at this stage? Share a few clips from YouTube and help each other if there are ways in which you can make a suggestion as to the suitable styles that would suit your friend. If you have a dedicated hairdresser, you can still give them a ring and ask questions, I think there’s nothing wrong in reaching out.

Focus on yourself

This is a great time to reflect on your life, what goals and dreams do you want to achieve in the next 5- 10 years. What can you do to improve yourself at this stage. What books are you reading at this stage? Do you want to study something that you are passionate about? Have you had a look through some free classes? This is some time you can work on improving yourself and your skills.

Stay healthy

It is extremely important to stay healthy at this time. It’s very easy to become discouraged, especially if you just lost your job or if you happen to have any tragic event. If you have the opportunity to keep yourself working out and staying healthy it will help you stay focused. Also, if you have any individuals that you know would be good mentors, it’s great to reach out and speak to them or others who you trust. Make sure that you eat well especially now that quarantine will be expected for a period of time.

Spring Clean

If you are working from home, prepare yourself a timetable every day and make sure that you save some time to clean those things out that you already have. I think that in this period of time, where individuals have accumulated so much, we don’t need anymore things, honestly if you have clothes that do not fit you and are in great condition, just wash them well and put them aside in little bags, once the curfew in your area is over, best to give them always. Throw away any items you have been holding on to, if you have not touched something for more than 6 months, there is a high possibility that you will never use it.

Family Time

If you have not had a chance to bond with your family, this is the best time to bond with your family. It can be through the various technological tools that we have, or it could be through board games that you have available in your house. If you don’t have any, just look for them online it’s so good to be able to just see how the mind of your family members work and the tricks some of them can try to get up to.


In this unpredictable time, it’s important to spend time in prayer. I always spend time reading one of the greatest books on earth and spend time in prayer. If you have not had a chance to reconnect there has never been a better time than today. I really think that it’s vital to develop a relationship with God if you don’t have one at this stage. If you are a member of any church, it’s a good idea to join them online if they have any type of meetings online.

Catch up

If you would like to catch up with any programs or movies or documentaries, there has never been a better time. For me I have been watching some programs that I have not had a chance to watch but since, I normally have other activities, I don’t really get to watch too many things.


Music is medicine to the soul, if you can just get your favorite tracks and listen to them, music can just move you. It’s also fun to check out some newer types of music out there.


This is a great time to experiment with a recipe that you may not have had a chance to do in a while. It’s also great to share the results with members of the family that love to be your tasters.

Unfortunately because you cannot meet with others, you may just have to call them through the net and show them what you have done.

Start a digital business

There has never been a better time to start your own business, although before going straight into it, it’s wise to have some education on that. If you are interested, I have put a link below where you can get ideas on how to get started for free. There has never been a better time to start.

Stay Safe

If you can avoid going outside just don’t go outside unnecessarily. If you don’t have a choice because of work or other valuable things, then stay safe. If we work together, we will defeat this.