minimize hair breakage

Ways to minimize hair-breakage

The best way to wash your hair especially with curls is to make sure that it’s washed as it should be at the salon. Now as a normal individual washing your hair everytime at a hairdressers may not necessarity be possible. However, there are techniques that you can use to ensure that when you wash your hair you have less tangles.

Washing with braids

Most individuals that I have met are always curious how hair with braids can be washed. It’s very simple, however if you have curls in your hair and are doing your own hair, it’s best to section it into four and loosely braid each part. The main reason is that it will help you in keeping your hair together and reducing the friction that you lead to breakage between your hair strands. When you are in the process of washing it, when it’s all braided together, the tangling process is reduced. This is the reason why braided hair can still be washed without any trouble. If you have longer hair, it’s one of the best techniques as you will struggle less with tangles and breakage. Now imagine you utilise the deep conditioning method mentioned earlier with this technique, you will be pleasantly surprised. I challenge anyone with 4c hair type to try this technique and see how much better for your hair it will be.

Now in order to make sure that you rinse out the shampoo and conditioner, I normally tend to undo one section at a time and just make sure that all the shampoo and conditioner has been removed, then I will braid it up again. You can use a loose twist or a three strand braid method.

Washing shorter hair

If you hair is shorter and you still do not want it to get tangled, ensure that you use a hair tie or clips if that is possible. If your hair is too short to put in sections, wash it as it is but use a treatment such as hot oil or even conditioner. When you wash use the pads of your fingers to massage your scalp. When you first apply your shampoo, give it a minute to penetrate into the hair shaft and remove any dirt or debris before your wash it off and rinse it. If you feel that your scalp is not clean enough you can repeat the process until you are done.

Finally, apply the conditioner. Now sometimes I normally want to make sure that when I apply the conditioner my hair get’s really moisturised, therefore sometimes I leave it on my scalp for about 5-10 minutes.You can also do other chores and then rinse it out if you want. Always rinse your scalp with warm-cool water but not hot water.

This method is very effective for helping you have less breakage and easier way to detangle your hair.

Deep conditioning process

Deep conditioning is a method that you can use to soften your hair depending on the texture. If your hair is a lot tougher, it’s best to leave the deep conditioner a little longer on  your hair so that it can help in the process of softening. A good indicator of times is from 5 – 15 minutes. If you can add heat,  it’s a lot easier if not, then ensure that you put it on your hair for atleast 10 minutes.

Drying your hair

The process of drying your hair also plays a part in minimising breakage. Microfiber towels or old cotton t-shirts work best in minimising breakage. Your hair will dry faster, it will also be beneficial to blot the hair instead of scrunching it as that will form tension and tanlges once more. If you have a diffuser, it can be a great way to dry your curls as well without manipulating them. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can use string and wind it down either in the four sections or by dividing into smaller sections.

Moisturising process

Before you apply the string, make sure that you moisturise your hair, you can use a water-based cream moisturiser or lighter oil depending on your hair type. always oil the ends of your hair and move towards the root. You don’t have to put too much, just make sure it’s enough to keep the hair in good condition. I always use shea butter or coconut oil on my hair as that works well, however when I have braided hair, I use the ligher oils because I normally use a stray to condition my scalp.

These are some ways in making sure that the process of washing and moisturising your hair are done in the best way without causing unecessary breakage. Note that if you are in a hurry, it’s advisable not to wash your hair as you will definintely do a poor job. The more you repeat this process, the easier and faster you will get.

What is your wash routine, and how do you ensure that you minimise breakage?

hair products

Best detangling hair products for afro hair

This article is for all the individuals that know how life used to be before detanglers came into the picture. Do you remember the days when you knew that if your hair was brushed you would be in pain because you had a lot of tangles with your hair. Your scalp would sometimes be sore for days and you would not want anyone to touch it. Well those days are long gone and if you are still suffering in silence, then pay attention as this article could be life-changing for those that are not using these products.

If you want to ensure that your course and tightly coiled hair experience after a braid-out is smoother, then you want to use a pre-shampoo treatment to detangle your hair. If you are still confused about this and have no idea what I am saying. Test this little theory out. If you have not purchased any pre-shampoo treatment, get some olive oil if you have some, mix it with a little bit of water and as you remove the tangles from your hair, provide some feedback on your experience.

I will be writing about detangling products from the cheapest ones to the most costly ones. If you would like to try out detangling products, I have a list of a few that I have used which are great, however there are so many in the market nowadays. If you have not mastered the type of hair that you have please feel free to go back to my hair type article as it will assist you in selecting the right type for your hair.

1. Mane ‘n Tail detangler spray

Cost: $8.07

I only came across this detangler last year and did not know much about it. What I like about it is that this product is pH balanced, it’s more alkaline than acidic. It’s great for tangled hair and great for conditioning hair.

This product was originally used for horses, to help them have less split ends and thick lucious silky hair. They expanded their range and started including individuals products as well.

As mentioned in my previous blog, I have low-porosity hair and it also tends to be a little dryer, so it’s great to have Mane ‘n tail as it helps keep it well conditioned.

The process of detangling involves parting hair into sections in order to make sure that the product is evenly distributed. Wet your hair with water and add the product and start the process of detangling.

Disadvantage is that you have to use quite a lot of it to make sure that you get it through the section which you want to detangle.

2. Noughty, Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray

Cost: $ 16.15

This one is light weight, it’s not as creamy as the other detanglers which may be suitable for individuals with thick hair, however it is quite greasy, which is perfect for me. Some individuals may find that it’s too much.

The trick with detangler, you have to check the consistency first before placing it on your head, therefore always take a small sample and add it to a little section of your head which you have added some water. If you find that it’s a little too heavy, you may have put too much products, you just have to use your discretion depending on how tangled your hair may be.

The process of putting Thirst aid on your hair is exactly the same as using mane ‘n tail. This one is a little different as it’s quite greasy, but with my low porosity hair it works just well as it stays moisturised after I use it and even when I wash and condition, my hair stays quite healthy.

3. As I Am Coconut Cowash cleansing conditioner

Cost: $18.38

Don’t let the name fool you that it’s only used as a conditioner. This product is one of the best when it comes to detangling your hair. It helps with product build-up if you have had your hair braided and it’s just amazing.

The first thing you do before you comb out your hair is to apply the cleansing conditioner. Section the hair into four parts or more, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Make sure you wet your sectioned hair first with a spray of water. Once your hair is wet enough, you put a blob of the As I Am Coconut Cowash cleansing conditioner. You can start detangling that section and what would normally take you hours to do will be cut down to less time. This depends on the length and thickness of hair. It will be pain free and once the individual goes to wash the hair, it will be a quick process.

Some individuals may have reaction to Coconut and therefore if this is not the type of product for you, then it’s best to check around for other detanglers with different ingredients.

4. Coconut and Argan Leave-in Conditioner + shine

Cost: $23.50

This was also a new one for me as I only thought that it was a leave in conditioner. The process of detangling has to be the same as the detangler above.

The great benefit of the Coconut and Argan is that it will work for any hair type and will also leave your hair soft and shiny without frizz. The good thing about it is that if you constantly use a detangler everytime you are doing your hair, it will have less knots and that means that your hair will grow healthy and stronger.

Again it may not be suitable for an individual that cannot use coconut on their hair.

If you have never used detangler, and this is the first time that you have tried it, you will not regret it.

hair accessories

Caring for hair with accessories

Afro hair must always be detangled with great care. In this article I will be writing about the various accessories used on afro hair and how individuals can use them adequately to minimise any damage that they may cause on their hair.

Using hair clips and clamps

Most hair clips and clamps normally have seamed teeth and edges. In order to minimise damage on your hair being pulled out, it’s advisable to make sure that your clips or clamps are well made. If you want to use any for styling your hair ensure that you clip it gently and avoid placing it too tight that it can rub on your scalp. Make sure that the clip is in good working condition. Learn to let go of those clips that have a chip or tend to snag on your hair. Not only will you end up pulling on your hair and getting damage it can also cause hair loss.


Hairpins make it easier to put your hair in place, however they need to have soft rounded tips that are in good condition. If your bobby pin, does not have a rounded tip, it’s better to throw it away immediately. Try to avoid putting hairpins in the same area as it can cause damage to the hair. Be careful when you take them out as well always hold the tip and pull them back a little so that there is room for your fingers to pull it out.

Hair ties, scrunchies and bands

When you are looking for a hair band or scrunchie if you have afro hair make sure that you are not getting cotton fibre. Cotton will absorb the moisture from your hair causing it to get dry. Make sure that your scrunchie or head band is made out of silk or satin fabric to guard you from moisture loss. When you are tying up your hair, it has to be well moisturised. If the hair tie, scrunchie or band has a metal part or little pieces that can snag the hair, it’s probably wise not to purchase it.

When you are tying up your hair in a ponytail keep it loose if you hair is very wet. Try not to tie it more than twice if you do that will be too tight. If you place too much tension on your hair, the result can be alopecia. If you cannot tie your hair up in a ponytails, it’s ideal to use the bands. A silk band would be ideal.

Hair scarfs and hats

A while ago I was communicating with my friend and she mentioned that her daughers’ hat kept snagging on her hair and it ended up causing her to loose hair in some areas. At that moment I thought I should probably inform her about some products I got from . All the products from Grace eleyae incorporate satin into the hats and scarfs which is amazing so your hair will remain moisturised and it great condition. This helps to put an end to hat head, where you put on a hat and it just looks a little funny after you take it off.

If your hair is not in a great condition and you want to keep it covered or you are going to the hairdressers. There are a few styles that have helped in ensuring that you can look stylish and still wear something that looks presentable.

Hair does not have to be limited to specific styles to look good, there are many other ways it can look amazing.

Sleeping caps

With afro hair, sleeping caps are a must have for your hair as they help in keeping braids intact, if you have relaxed or natural hair it’s also perfect as it helps in keeping it in place. If you don’t want to braid your hair before bed but use a sleeping cap, it will help you in ensuring that you keep your hair in great condition. It’s also ideal to keep your hair moisturised for longer.

When you choose a sleeping cap make sure that the band around your head is snag. Sometimes to avoid the line that you would tend to get when you wake up, I put a silk scarf underneath the sleeping cap. When I wake up, I don’t have any lines on my forehead.

All these will help in maintaining your hair and are a great way to style up your hair without spending money on other things.

Which accessories do you use and have you done anything to cause damage to your hair?


scalp care

Scalp care on braided hair

Happy new year, I hope 2020 will bring perfect vision into your life. Throughout this holiday, I had the comfort or rather the luxury of getting my hair braided for the holidays. Normally depending on the length of time I have available I tend not to do it as much as I would when I was a lot younger.

Getting hair braided

Now depending on how often you get your hair into a protective styling which is what is often common especially on afro hair, I decided to have it styled for the Christmas period. I ended up doing a hairstyle, which I had not done in a long time which typically I would do when going to school. I would say that it’s quite similar to the style below, however it was just with my own hair. After washing it with a wonderful shampoo, that smelled amazing which my sister wanted me to try as we were both doing our hair together, I had to get it blow-dried for the styling.

Getting the hair braided was quick and it took about 45 mins to 1 hour. I had to wait in the salon for my sister as we had gone together. After three hours at the hair-dressers, we ended up going home and got complimented on our looks, we both had different styles. To give a description of my hairdo, I had my hair braided up to the middle of my scalp and also a few braids hanging towards the front of my face. My sister had a simple braid back as she wanted to put a wig on and did not really want anything fancy.

Now one thing I did not mention was that before the hair was braided, I asked the lady to oil my hair but I did not check to see if the ingredients would be problematic to my scalp. In the first week all was well, however I started feeling slightly itchy on my scalp. By the second week, my scalp actually got really itchy. I was trying not to scratch it unecessarily, however there was no relief in sight.

Scalp care

Normally, after hair is braided, different individuals normally maintain their scalps in many ways. Some individuals try to avoid washing their scalps as that would loosen the braid and therefore causing their hair to look unkempt. Due to the fact that I had just braided my own hair I knew that by washing it, It would get frizzy. Therefore I took some olive oil spray which I had and used it to ensure that my scalp stayed well moisturised. It seemed to work for a few days, however after some time it also became a little ineffective. I needed some type of solution and for me using the harsher shampoos with sulfate it would have an impact on my hair by causing it to be too dry.

I dared to leave my hair for two weeks, however by the end of the second week it was quite flaky and I had to do something about it. Therefore I ended up getting some tea tree oil conditioner and one of my favourite himalaya shampoo. When I washed my scalp, I put the shampoo in place twice as I kept scrubbing and rinsing it. Once I had the conditioner on my scalp, I left it for about 5 mins in order to feel the impact. It felt really clean. I ended up rinsing my hair and my scalp was in great condition. The only thing I ended up doing was putting some oil on my scalp to ensure that it does not get dry.

Now sometimes for the sake of ensuring that the braid stays intact an individual can decided to forgo washing, however from that moment, I learnt that I cannot do that on my scalp, it’s just too sensitive to be left as it is.

I think it’s normal to have an itchy scalp after you braid and basically it’s because your hair is being pulled from the scalp. Additionally, some individuals tend to leave their braids without worrying about how to moisturise it.


It’s very important to make sure that even though you have your hair in a protective style that you are maintaining it. There is still growth and your hair will keep shedding regardless of the fact that you are not combing it everyday. Although your braids  can get a little loose, it’s nothing to worry about as the condition of your scalp is important to stimulate your cuticles to help your hair in growing. You don’t want to have your hair braided and once you remove your braids, your hair is also coming off with the braids.

A clean scalp will help in getting your hair to grow. I have also listed a few products at the bottom that are great for braided hair in ensuring that it remains moisturised. If you are allergic to some of the ingredients, make sure that you use something that will suit you. A lot of individuals use what others tell them but not everything will work for you.

Some of the sprays that help when hair is braided are:

  1. Sulfur 8 braid spray medicated anti-dandruff treatment
  2. Jamaican Mango and lime maximum  no more itch gro spray
  3. African royale brx braid and extension sheen spray
  4. Dudu-Osun anti-itch braiding spray
  5. Parnevu T tree braid spray
  6. Ashea braiding and lock spray

I have not listed all of them, however there are quite a few brands that provide these types of products that can be useful for your scalp. The benefit of most of these products is that they minimize itchiness and maximize your hair growth.

Through this little experiment that I tried over the holiday period, I realised how important it was for me to maintain a clean scalp as I mentioned earlier I don’t really braid my hair too much.  Be careful to keep your scalp clean no matter how  frizzy your hair will look. Additionally, if your hair does not hold a braid for a long time, there is no use in keeping it on your scalp for too long.

Has anyone ever put in braids for far too long on their scalp? If you did, what did you do about it?