minimize hair breakage

Ways to minimize hair-breakage

The best way to wash your hair especially with curls is to make sure that it’s washed as it should be at the salon. Now as a normal individual washing your hair everytime at a hairdressers may not necessarity be possible. However, there are techniques that you can use to ensure that when you wash your hair you have less tangles.

Washing with braids

Most individuals that I have met are always curious how hair with braids can be washed. It’s very simple, however if you have curls in your hair and are doing your own hair, it’s best to section it into four and loosely braid each part. The main reason is that it will help you in keeping your hair together and reducing the friction that you lead to breakage between your hair strands. When you are in the process of washing it, when it’s all braided together, the tangling process is reduced. This is the reason why braided hair can still be washed without any trouble. If you have longer hair, it’s one of the best techniques as you will struggle less with tangles and breakage. Now imagine you utilise the deep conditioning method mentioned earlier with this technique, you will be pleasantly surprised. I challenge anyone with 4c hair type to try this technique and see how much better for your hair it will be.

Now in order to make sure that you rinse out the shampoo and conditioner, I normally tend to undo one section at a time and just make sure that all the shampoo and conditioner has been removed, then I will braid it up again. You can use a loose twist or a three strand braid method.

Washing shorter hair

If you hair is shorter and you still do not want it to get tangled, ensure that you use a hair tie or clips if that is possible. If your hair is too short to put in sections, wash it as it is but use a treatment such as hot oil or even conditioner. When you wash use the pads of your fingers to massage your scalp. When you first apply your shampoo, give it a minute to penetrate into the hair shaft and remove any dirt or debris before your wash it off and rinse it. If you feel that your scalp is not clean enough you can repeat the process until you are done.

Finally, apply the conditioner. Now sometimes I normally want to make sure that when I apply the conditioner my hair get’s really moisturised, therefore sometimes I leave it on my scalp for about 5-10 minutes.You can also do other chores and then rinse it out if you want. Always rinse your scalp with warm-cool water but not hot water.

This method is very effective for helping you have less breakage and easier way to detangle your hair.

Deep conditioning process

Deep conditioning is a method that you can use to soften your hair depending on the texture. If your hair is a lot tougher, it’s best to leave the deep conditioner a little longer on  your hair so that it can help in the process of softening. A good indicator of times is from 5 – 15 minutes. If you can add heat,  it’s a lot easier if not, then ensure that you put it on your hair for atleast 10 minutes.

Drying your hair

The process of drying your hair also plays a part in minimising breakage. Microfiber towels or old cotton t-shirts work best in minimising breakage. Your hair will dry faster, it will also be beneficial to blot the hair instead of scrunching it as that will form tension and tanlges once more. If you have a diffuser, it can be a great way to dry your curls as well without manipulating them. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can use string and wind it down either in the four sections or by dividing into smaller sections.

Moisturising process

Before you apply the string, make sure that you moisturise your hair, you can use a water-based cream moisturiser or lighter oil depending on your hair type. always oil the ends of your hair and move towards the root. You don’t have to put too much, just make sure it’s enough to keep the hair in good condition. I always use shea butter or coconut oil on my hair as that works well, however when I have braided hair, I use the ligher oils because I normally use a stray to condition my scalp.

These are some ways in making sure that the process of washing and moisturising your hair are done in the best way without causing unecessary breakage. Note that if you are in a hurry, it’s advisable not to wash your hair as you will definintely do a poor job. The more you repeat this process, the easier and faster you will get.

What is your wash routine, and how do you ensure that you minimise breakage?

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